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Feb. 14th, 2013 11:01 pm
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Let me know how I am doing with Gokudera! Any and all crit are accepted.

Info Post

Nov. 16th, 2012 11:33 pm
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name: Hayato Gokudera
canon: Katekyou Hitman Reborn
canon point: Chapter 379
age: Canon: 15 CWP: 18
gender: Male

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Name/Handle: Tohma
Personal Journal: [personal profile] tohma2004
Contact: plurk: One_night_star AIM: tohma2004 Email:
Current Characters: N/A
Player Age: 30

Name: Hayato Gakudera
Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Canon Point: End of Chapter 379 while in the hospital
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Gokudera might be young but he has the mentality of an adult and the life experiences of one as well. He's been involved in the mafia world for his entire life and since being at Tsuna's side has experienced war, fights to the death, and much more then your average teenager. Despite all of that Gokudera has managed to adapt and come out on top, perhaps not quite unscathed, but at least he has learned from the experiences and is shown to grow and mature because of them.

Gokudera is a tough guy, or at least he tries to portray himself that way and a bit of a thug. I don't see sex as being something he would shy away from even though it is not directly reference in the manga. He would probably take it in stride much like he does every obstacle or challenge that comes his way.

Appearance: There is an entire arc in the manga dedicated to the ten year later versions of these characters. Because of that you get to see most of them as adults and Gokudera's appearance does not change too drastically. Because the change is only going to be a few years, Gokudera will probably only look slightly different. He'll be a bit taller and more filled out in his chest and waist and his face will look a little more refined.


Gokudera is a dedicated, stubborn, hard worker with a bad boy rep. His punk appearance, chain smoking ways and gruff attitude make many think he is a slacker but in truth he's completely the opposite. There are few people that work or study harder then Gokudera. He gets good grades and often times has to help Tsuna and Yamamoto with their school work. If there is a problem, he works through it as intelligently as he can, focusing on the different angles or possibilities until he finds the solution. His top desire is to become Tsuna's "Right hand man" and so he works hard and intends to stop at nothing until he reaches that goal and feels he is worthy to stand beside the Tenth Vongola boss.

Aiding in that "bad boy" appearance, Gokudera has a fascination with explosives. His signature weapon is dynamite that he uses in various ways in order to surprise and attack his opponents. His skills with the weapon have evolved over time, which shows his ability to adapt to situations and work hard to improve in order to be useful for his boss. He never seems to stop pushing himself to improve.

Gokudera is crass, can come off as rude and is incredibly vocal about things he doesn't like. His temper can be set off by the smallest of annoyances sometimes. His personality is as volatile as the explosives he loves to carry on him at all times. It isn't to say that Gokudera is completely rough and crude. In truth he has a terribly soft side to him that he often tries to cover up. He is completely devoted to Tsuna and his friends and would do anything to protect them. It's part of the reason he works so hard to become Tsuna's "Right hand man". He wants to make his boss proud as well as be able to protect him should anything threaten his life.

This intensity for improvement and being the best, is also what can get him into trouble. Sometimes he focuses so much on the details that he doesn't look at the big picture. He gets so caught up on trying to analyze and work through problems that he losses sight of some of the more simple answers. In this way Yamamoto tends to balance him out when they are working together on an issue.

Gokudera also has an obsession with things he can't explain. UFOs, big foot, ghosts are all incredibly fascinating to him. He'll go out of his way to try and see these strange phenomenon. He is a little superstitious because of all of the things he's read about and has an obsession with magazines and articles that get published about these things. Perhaps its the fact that he is so focused on solving problems, that these anomalies that cannot be explained easily are so interesting to him.

Gokudera is going to fight against the rules of CWP in the beginning. His pride won't let him just give in to the fact that he's been abducted to some strange world. He'll test his boundaries and the people around him before he will settle in and do what he has to to survive. Gokudera is a fighter and stubborn. If he doesn't like something then he isn't going to just conform to doing it. It's only when he has exhausted all other possibilities that he will accept the rules of CWP. However, he will eventually fall in line. If he gains close relationships within the city, his focus will change from fighting against the system, to doing whatever he can to ensure the safety of the ones he cares about. That will include doing whatever it takes to climb the ranks. He'll want to be on top and be the best at everything he can be, so he isn't going to just sit around and hope for things to improve. He's going to go out and make sure it happens.

Gokudera's love for the unknown will also help him to ease into the life on this world. The potential to meet creatures that aren't human will be fascinating to him, as well as the mere fact that he was transported to another dimension. This second part will be much less interesting to him considering he has traveled forward in time before so he is almost used to the possibility that it can happen. But to be part of a world that has aliens, monsters, and creatures most people would see as fictional..that will be far too enticing for Gokudera.

Character Powers/Abilities/Skills: For a complete list:

First Person Sample:

What the hell is this? [Gokudera turns the mirror over in his hand. The image seems to swirl until he figures out that this is actually how he is supposed to communicate. Someone is clever, he'll give them that.]

Whomever the asshole is that kidnapped me, you better take me home right now before I blow this place back to Namimori! I'm not even kidding. I don't want to be any part of your perverted games. I admit..that show in the dessert was cool but I'm not falling for all this smoke and mirrors shit.

I don't have time to waste in this place trying to fulfill your nasty voyeuristic desires! I need to get back to the Tenth before those bastard Vindice pull another stunt like they did before.

So if you are listening..TAKE ME BACK RIGHT NOW!

Third Person Sample:

Gokudera was stuck. He had sent a transmission and gotten nothing but hopeless answers to what seemed to be a desperate situation. He had spent the last few hours trying to come up with some sort of plan of attack. He had analyzed the items he had been given, read through the note at least a dozen times and had taken a short tour of his home to look for any flaws that might indicate this was a trick or an illusion. So far he had come up completely empty.

"What the hell is this place? This isn't like one of Mukuro's illusions. The Vendice wouldn't waste time playing with me. There doesn't seem to be a single plausible explanation for any of this." Gokudera sighed in frustration and reached up to push his hair back from his face. He turned his face upwards to stare at the ceiling for a few minutes, as if waiting for some sort of epiphany to strike him.

"DAMNIT!" Gokudera swung his arm out and knocked the items off of the table beside him in frustration. He hated not being able to solve a problem. But what if this is just what the note said it was? What if he really was on some other world and he was going to have sex to get back home? It seemed like an absolutely preposterous idea but somehow Gokudera wasn't that surprised that it could be true. Hell..he had just gotten back from the future. You don't get much weirder then that.

Standing up, Gokudera walked over to the window and stared out at the city below. He would find his way out. He didn't have time to waste in this place. Not when Tsuna and the others could be in trouble. "I'll find my way out of here..just wait for me Judaime.."

With that, Gokudera turned away from the window to head back over to where the items were now scattered across the floor. He gathered them back up and carried them over to the table. He set them down on it, pulled a hair tie out of his pocket and collected his hair back into it. Sliding into the chair at the table, Gokudera pulled out a pencil and began to take notes, using the back of the letter as notepaper. He would defeat this place somehow.


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